Monday, April 4, 2011

at this perfect moment in time.

i'm really in the blog writing mood.

this is probably because i finished that silly lolita paper. and no, my thesis had nothing to do with games. simply artistic fabrication of self-projection.

since i'm in the blog writing mood, i'd figure i'd blog, but i honestly have nothing to write about. i just attempted to write about childhood innocence and illusion, but i think my writing skills are shot trying to conclude the lolita paper, and i'm a little bit too excited for tonight's upcoming RA orientation to focus on much else. that and impending organic chemistry doom.

then i had this idea that i would post a series of pictures that all apply to my life at this moment. things i think about, things i do, things i worry about, things i'm currently enjoying. a big collage of "emily's life at this perfect moment in time... or just moment."

so here it goes.

i feel like this is a testimony to how entirely screwed up my life is, and how much i absolutely adore it. everything is jumbled and doesn't quite fit, and i like that. because when do we ever fit?

just about never.

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