Sunday, September 4, 2011

i'd make a good receptionist.

today just feels like one of those good days to blog.

you know, one of those days where you're sitting your in dorm room with the fan on, wearing a cute shirt, and listening to the new death cab for cutie album with your feet stuck in your fluffy slippers.

it's one of those days. it's one of those weekends.

last weekend was a big weekend for me. last weekend was what i thought my resident assistant job was fully going to entail; moving in the freshmen.

they moved in on saturday august twenty-seventh. where i live, on south complex, we are not allowed to have freshmen. it is a completely upperclassmen part of campus, including the greek houses. so i did not have freshmen to move in and adjust, i just had a few marching band kids who kept their doors closed.

i was excited to move in the freshmen.

i had wandered over to mitchell to help out their entire staff (with the help of steph) and i spent a decent amount of time behind a desk with a really long spiel to give the freshmen and their excited and tearful parents. it went something like this.

"here's your orientation schedule, it looks really packed but there's a lot of fun stuff going on, so get excited! everything that's starred is mandatory, so make sure you're keeping track of what you're going to at what times. right here is your campus map, and i know it's confusing, but don't worry, all of the RAs and OCs will help you get anywhere you need to go. right here is a sheet about IT, that's information technology. they'll help you get your laptop logged into the alma network, and don't worry if you can't get it yourself, it's really tricky. this is a list of churches and religious organizations on and off campus if you're interested, if you're not, that's okay. these two pamphlets are optional, you might already have this one, it's just letting you know what's going on on campus and off campus in the alma community. here's a list of all the first year seminars and who's teaching them. if you have problems finding your classroom, don't hesitate to ask! a word to the wise, you should move your furniture before you move in all of your things, it makes it much easier. also, you don't have your mailbox number and combination yet. your mailbox is located in the basement of hamilton which is right across the sidewalk. you'll get all that information either in an email or during your FYS. enjoy your move-in day!"

i'd make a damn good receptionist.

from there, chelsea and i wandered the crowded mitchell halls where roommates were meeting each other for the first time and parents were nervously contemplating the idea of bunking beds. i personally helped a pair of guys arrange their room and i managed to do it without actually touching a piece of furniture.

from there i found myself on the second floor with chelsea. she said something to which i automatically replied in spanish. then a rather large, burly dad turned around and said something completely imcomphrensible back.

i had known this day would come.

i responded with, "no, he tenido dos clases de espanol, hablo un poco!" i didn't really respond. i squeaked it.

from there i got to meet his daughter, and whaddyaknow, she was moving in a cello as well. her name was katie and we ended up hanging out later in the week.

when i freed myself from the trilingual father (he spoke portuguese as well?) i ran into a nice grandmother sitting in the hallway on a fridge. my grandmother would never be caught dead sitting on a refrigerator. it turned out that her daughter was joining the swim team, which then prompted me to say excitedly, "no way, I'M on the swim team!" and then the daughter coming out and saying, "OMG I SPENT THE NIGHT AND WE WATCHED A MOVIE TOGETHER."

i was with her and her grandmother for a good hour.

then i hung out with the other RA's on the third floor and we shot the breeze for a while. by this time i had been working for nearly four hours and i was absolutely going to eat the next thing i saw. possibly an unsuspecting freshman. so rai and i went to lunch.

i ended up eating with mariah and her freshmen residents. a terrified looking mother of a girl in bruske joined us, and after that, it was nothing but questions questions questions. and my mouth had nothing but answers answers answers and i thought to myself, maybe there really is a reason that i got hired for this job. my throat felt stiff from talking to much.

this weekend is much different from last weekend. this weekend is supposed to be MY weekend to shine, because everybody is moving into my hallway. but here's the thing; i'm not shining.

i have come up with a few reasons for this.

1. half my hallway was moved in already.

2. upperclassmen move in over a period of three days. it's not a giganticmadexcitedrush.

3. upperclassmen just don't care. they park their cars, grab their keys, move in, and close the door.

the most exciting thing i've done is sign a gigantic poster in wright hall that says WELCOME TO SOUTH COMPLEX and help my suite mate move in on the other side of the bathroom. she's still moving in and i'm sitting alone in my room blogging, waiting for my parents to call.

the highlight of my weekend is that labor day is my one year anniversary with my boyfriend and as soon as my brother gets up here with his car, we're going out to dinner.

when i signed on for this job, i was expecting to live on the other side of campus and have freshmen. instead i've got my own (almost) bathroom and upperclassmen who really don't care that i exist because having an RA is old news. moving in is old news. being in college is old news.

i love being in college. and i love my job, even if i don't get to move in nervous and excited freshmen. i just love being here.

this was an odd blog. i'm having more of those lately. i think it's because i just decided that i really wanted to blog and what came out was verbal vomit about my weekend.

and if you read my entire receptionist spiel, give yourself a big pat on the back.

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