Sunday, January 1, 2012

the list.

well, i'm going to be cliche and say happy new year!

(and a belated happy eighty-fifth birthday to lord voldemort. that was my facebook status and it got eight likes.)

this is my facebook status as of one o'clock this morning.

i'm pretty proud of it.

so normally i get on facebook right at midnight and write a list of the awesome/amazing/terrific/odd things i did in 2011. there are fifty. numero cincuenta (that's fifty) is always the same. then i post it as a note and tag all my friends that were involved in my yearly shenanigans and then they all say things like this.

"i remember number thirty-three!"
"oh that was so much fun."
"you did WHAT?"

and my friend vince will undoubtedly say, "i'm always in the ones where you throw up."

but this year, because i have a blog and i rather enjoy my blog, and i'm guessing you do too because you're reading it right now, i'm going to make it on here.

so here we go, the list of awesome/amazing/terrific/odd things i did in the year 2011.


1. i got a twitter. @emilyyxh. honestly, my tweets aren't fantastic. but i tweet anyway. and far too often.
2. i got a tumblr. i'm rather proud of it.
3. oh yeah, i got this thing.
4. with it, i blogged every day in the month of june! go me!
5. i turned twenty. i'm not sure why that's a big deal. but i was way excited about it.
6. i learned how to drive a stick shift.
7. while learning, my boyfriend's stick shift died. we got it towed.
8. again, while learning, he got a flat tire. this was two weeks later.
9. i set foot in a taco bell after i vowed not to. so much for resolutions.
10. i fell in love with a literary pedophile. comment if you want an explanation.
11. i rented a car all by myself. and drove it all by myself.
12. i changed clothes in the back of that car. at the parking lot of my work. where i work with children.
13. i bought a cello and named him estlin!
14. i memorized my favorite e. e. cummings poem and recited it for my creative writing class.
15. i saw the lion king in theatres. and it was one of the most fantastic moments of my life.
16. i became a resident assistant! and i love my job so so so so much.
17. i joined the greatest sorority ever, gamma phi beta. i love all of my sisters so much. :)
18. i discovered criminal minds. i don't think that needs an explanation.
19. i subsequently fell in love with the character dr. spencer reid.
20. i subsequently fell in love with the actor who portrays him, matthew gray gubler.
21. i lost my black friday virginity. there's a blog post about that.
22. i spent over half of my summer in a back brace.
23. i got a spinal injection that involved four needles.
24. harry potter ended. but it didn't end for me. because magic never dies.
25. i took two summer college classes. that was fun...?
26. i finished my collegiate swim season. i love the ACSD. i really do.
27. i did ballet in a parking lot while my boyfriend jacked up his car. for the third time.
28. i struggled and struggled trying to write my book. which is now a fat 494 pages and going nowhere.
29. i spent three weeks living in my house. by myself. going to work and cooking and being a real person.
30. i celebrated a wonderful one year with my terrific boyfriend, jacob hammer.
31. i danced on the shores of lake michigan and saw the biggest harvest moon i'd ever seen in my life.
32. i called the cops. twice.
33. while plunging my bathroom toilet in my dorm, it flooded. into my bedroom.
34. i crammed myself into a miserably small box and fell asleep there outside on the chapel lawn.
35. i discovered i was a hipster. i was genuinely surprised.
36. i got a fish and named him gabberdine!
37. i took a bass guitar home over the summer with the intention of learning it. guess how far that went.
38. i experienced my first silent migraine during an organic chemistry lecture. that wasn't that fun.
39. i declared my major and minor. finally.
40. i got to work in a high school classroom with real kids. like a real teacher.
41. i was hit on by one of those real kids.
42. i took a zumba class. i didn't know i could shake what my momma gave me. i didn't think she gave me anything.
43. i held my boyfriend's hand.
44. i owled. on a mountain.
45. i got thrown up on at cedar point.
46. while visiting my brother at school over the summer, i had a bird ride my shoulder, and i snuck into the athletic building to poop. there's a blog post about that too.  (and half the things on this list...)
47. i finally taught myself rondo alla turca.
48. i told my college president that i liked his tie at a barbecue. after telling him about the ugliest tie that i owned (brown with peach colored sea bass), he took his off and gave it to me. i felt like i was blessed by god.
49. i wrote a research paper about illiteracy in colombia. in spanish.
50. i lived.

see, i told you that number fifty is always the same.

it's 2012 now, and it has been for an hour and a half, at least eastern standard time. everybody says that 2011 went by too quickly, and yes, it did. but time waits for no man.

that got way philosophical. too much philosophy class last semester.

so anyway, that was my list. i swear, it gets more boring every year. i need to go streaking again.

happy 2012 kids. make it count.

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