Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i'll wear a red hat for blogging.

this morning for breakfast i ate a gigantic bowl of regular cheerios.

none of that honey nut crap. i eat real cheerios.

while i was eating my bowl of terrific regular cheerios, i was reading the newspaper. i'm one of those weird people who actually reads the newspaper because in my house, unless chuck or criminal minds is on, the TV stays off. i don't need a woman with too much makeup to tell me the news when i can read it for myself in the morning on my own time.

in the living section, i was reading about a professional blogger. which is why i guess i'm blogging.

remember when i wrote about how i read that article about blogging on wikihow?

yeah, me neither.

but i read that nice long article about how to blog and how to get your blog to attract attention and all of those other things. way at the bottom there was something about getting your blog noticed and possibly how to get paid for blogging.

the profession "professional blogger" astounds me.

don't get me wrong, it sounds absolutely fantastic to sit here and blog (like i'm doing right now at the kitchen nook with my spanish homework all over the table) and get paid for it. but how does this work? what exactly is the income?

i really like that commercial about the shrimp blogger. he travels the world, samples shrimp, and blogs about it. he's a professional blogger. but i'm wondering: where on earth is his money to travel the world and eat expensive shrimp? and could i possibly find a different reason to travel the world and blog, because i'm allergic to shrimp? it's so unfortunate, because i really do enjoy eating shrimp.

i've sat and thought about the wonderful things i could blog about. i mean, a blog is really supposed to have a trend. i could start another blog simply about spanish. and world language. and my quest to become fluent and study abroad in spain when i'm twenty-one. but i instead i just write disjointed horrible blogs that a few of you read.

i have no hope of achieving professional blogger status.

but this still raises questions for me. how does one become a professional blogger? is it really as fun as commercials depict it? if i actually became a professional blogger (pray that doesn't happen for everyone's sanity), what would i blog about? and my number one question:

if i actually became a professional blogger, would i end up forcing myself to pop out crappy blogs just to get paid because i'd rather be blogging about dumb things like this instead of what i'm actually supposed to be blogging about?

yikes. so many questions. so many times i've typed some variation of the word blog.

i am hunting for the infinitive "to blog" in spanish. when i find it (or create it!) i will have a little dance party.

if i were to become a professional blogger, i think my number once thing that i would blog about would be music. out of all of the things that i am absolutely in love with, music has to be the most passionate. i also recently got spotify. if you love music and don't have spotify, i suggest you get it. NOW.

there is a flaw with this concept: i have absolutely no idea how to review music. or movies. or... well... anything. i'm not a critic. i'm a college kid with a blog that nobody reads. i have no critiquing experience. so how on earth would i be able to listen to good music and then blog about its terrificness or terribleness?

yet again, professional blogger status slips through my grasp.

i think i'm okay with this. i'm going to college to become a teacher. but it would be very nice to be an adventurer. you know, travel the world and just write about stuff. it would be pretty fantastic. mostly just to travel the world.

new goal: travel the world and blog without being a professional blogger. just blog.

if i were a professional blogger, i would want to be steve zissou. because he sure knows about adventure. i really just want his hat.

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