Sunday, July 31, 2011

rationalization complete.

so i did that thing again.

you know, the thing where i sit for fifteen minutes in front of a page that says SIGN UP NOW! and then i finally click on that happy button and make a new website.

what more do i need?

i HAD a myspace, but we don't talk about that, do we.

i have a facebook.

i have a twitter.

i have this.

now i have a tumblr.

i will admit, i did not spend as long deciding to make a tumblr as i did to make a twitter. i spent a lot more time deciding to create THIS than i did deciding to make a tumblr. i think i might have rushed into this prematurely.

but yet again, i have reasons. at least i think i do.

you know that justification thing we all do. you think, "okay. here are all the reasons i'm going to do this." and the only reason you're coming up with reasons is because you already know you're going to do it and you just need to justify it to yourself to make yourself feel better.

dean koontz can describe that feeling a bunch better than i can.

"but she was striving hard to rationalize it, because she had already made up her mind that this was what she was going to do."

like that.

so a tumblr is a second blog. i don't need a second blog. i have this one. it holds my go! challenge and so many happy things i've written down. i enjoy this blog. i love writing it. i love the fact that i even have it, however vain that sounds. i enjoy blogspot terrifically.

so why did i make a tumblr?

here comes my insane crazy rationalization, and oddly, it sounds a lot like my rationalization to get a twitter: tumblr is, yet again, more freeing.

here i write blogs. long ones. like the one i wrote yesterday about my weekend and the parrot. and that REALLY long one about the weekend with my boyfriend and the shifting gears and the taco bell and the premature guitar buying and the life aquatic.

on tumblr i post disembodied quotes and pictures and reblog things from other tumblrs and let people know that i am obsessed with the lion king and matthew gray gubler and e. e. cummings and strawberries and that i am superstitious about my underwear.

i don't do those kind of shenigans on here. this is my philosophy, my life, and how i put it down into words. tumblr is pictures and quotes and basically that awesome picture collage i made on

tumblr defeated me for probably an hour. i think it is still crushing me under the weight of its "i am a new blog site and i am hard to use" fist, wherease blogspot was nice and simple. but i have since half crawled out from under tumblr's fist, and i have posted three things.

one is a picture of lolita. (stop judging. i can feel it.)

two is my testament to bringing the word 'terrific' back into terrific use.

three is a dr. spencer reid quote about murder that i have on a sticky note on my computer screen.

i have no followers. my tumblr is merely an hour old, has three random posts that don't really make much sense, and i'm not sure how to reblog things. or like things. i am following my next door neighbor from alma, but she probably doesn't know that i follow her yet, and just because i follow her doesn't mean that she will follow me.

this was a painful twitter realization for me last month.

do i need a tumblr in my life? absolutely not.

do i want tumblr in my life? i have absolutely no idea.

will i learn how to use tumblr eventually? absolutely. because i am persistent to the point of insanity.

so. if you do the tumblr thing, you can find me here.

yes. that's a coldplay lyric. did you think that wasn't a lyric? (and it's matchbox twenty. if you were wondering.)

rationalization complete.

"to get away with murder, you simply don' tell anyone." -- dr. spencer reid.


  1. Tell me more about your underwear superstition... Sounds... interesting.

  2. oh it's a pretty basic superstition. :)

    when i'm taking tests or am ready for a day filled with adventure that i want to go super well, i wear specific pairs of underwear!

    i do the same thing with socks...