Wednesday, July 20, 2011

magic never dies.

i am going to start off this blog by saying i am annoying.

especially when it comes to harry potter. (look at me, blogging about harry potter. twice in a row, no doubt. how dare she.)

if you've read my previous blogs, then you know that i've read those books forty-four times. actually... i've read the third book forty-five because on monday i got bored and read it. yes, i can finish a harry potter book in a day. with my three hour class. i swear, when you read a book that many times, you can read almost as fast as dr. spencer reid. and that's pretty damn fast.

so. i digress.

i'm annoying. i'm probably annoying in other aspects of my life, but i know for a fact that when i watch a harry potter movie, i am ANNOYING AS HELL. on the way home my father told me i was extremely distracting, especially when i sat there muttering, "no, no, stop talking, don't do that you idiot, WHAT?!" and i did that like, the whole movie. don't see a harry potter movie with me. it's just a terrible idea. i will drive you insane.

when you've read a harry potter book forty-four times, you know how everything is supposed to go. you know what's verbatim and what isn't. you know what's extra, you know what's not there. you know everything wrong and everything right, and everything wrong is like something stabbing you in the back.

as you've probably guessed, i just got back from the last harry potter movie.

now, i'm not going to spend forever talking about what was wrong and what was terrific. that's not the point of this blog. so i'll just say this.

what was wrong: everything about voldemort's death.

what was right: not much.

what was wrong but awesome: making out in the chamber of secrets.

one day, i will make out with someone in the chamber of secrets, and then i will die happy.

what i'm really here to talk about is how everybody has been absolutely freaking out since they got home at three o'clock on friday morning after seeing the movie at midnight.

all over twitter, all over facebook, all over the media, this was being said: HARRY POTTER IS OVER. MY CHILDHOOD IS OVER. OMG. IT'S OVER.

what the hell are you people talking about?!

i went into the movie with my parents fully expecting to cry. i did. when i read the book the first time when i was sixteen, i cried. i laughed. i screamed. i was sucked in. and when the book ended, i fully realized that it was over. no more harry potter books would come out. my parents wouldn't preorder them for my birthday and i could no longer hole up in my room and devour them as fast as i could, waiting for the next one to come out in two years. that was all over.

i felt like that after the book ended. everybody is saying that their childhood ended. didn't you feel that way when the book ended, like i did? because if it ended anywhere, that's where it ended.

but it's not ending. i think you're absolutely crazy if you say that it's ended.

i am living proof of this. i have read the seventh book forty-four times. when i came home from the movie an hour ago trying not to cry, what did i do? i curled up in bed and started to read the seventh book for the forty-fifth time, that's what i did.

that's not my childhood ending.

magic has no end. harry potter will live as long as you let it. as long as you watch the movies, as long as you read the books. as long as you talk about it. as long as you carry the magic, harry potter WILL NEVER. END.

i am going to read harry potter for the rest of my life, this i am sure of. i will read the first book out loud to my children just like my parents did for me. i'll have my english set (they're pretty worn out from forty-four reads, let me tell you) and i'll have my spanish set. and i will carry the magic with me forever, because harry potter is a part of who i am. if you were ever a fan, harry is a part of you too. and that doesn't have to end just because you went to the movie theater and bought an overpriced ticket.

if we keep it alive, harry will never end.  and that's really all i have to say.

magic never dies.

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