Saturday, June 2, 2012

it wasn't a three this time.

so i'm sitting on my screeneed in porch, and jacob (the boyfriend not the best friend) is playing his guitar and singing something and it's thunderstorming and i'm looking for a rainbow and simultaneously taking an instagram picture when i realize


if it's only the second day, this doesn't bode well for my go! challenge.

so far my day has consisted of nothing blog worthy.

1. i got up.
2. i ate some cheerios.
3. i showered.
4. i FINALLY unpacked my room.
5. i ate some lunch.
6. i fell asleep watching the royal tenenbaums. which really bummed me out, because i've wanted to watch that movie for four years, and suddenly i wake up and richie is trying to commit suicide.

oh man. if that was a huge spoiler, i'm deeply sorry. but not sorry enough to delete it.

absolutely nothing blog worthy.

so this kind of has to do with my birthday, which is tomorrow. tomorrow is a sunday. my last birthday on a sunday was my sixteenth birthday, and now it's my twenty-first. here's the thing about sundays.

1. stores are closed.
2. jacob has to go back to michigan.
3. i don't have to work. i suppose that's a good thing on my birthday. the last time i worked, my kids pushed me in the pool. with my clothes on. that was my eighteenth.
4. you have to go to church.

don't get me wrong. i love church. but in the summer, who wants to get up that early?

so i decided that my birthday celebration would be on saturday. that's today. unless you live in australia or something. and if you do, that's really cool, and you should write me a letter and we can be pen pals.

my aunt owns this really sweet dance studio. she totally like, built it from the ground up ten years ago. today is her dance recital, which is like, the biggest three day weekend of her life, and normally we have to help sell tickets, flowers, concessions, what have you. that means no birthday celebration for me. it also meant that she didn't get to come to my graduation. but that's okay. when you own a business, you pretty much rock.

jacob and i managed to squeeze out of selling dance recital tickets, or flowers (or candy like last year) by saying that we were going bowling to celebrate my birthday because you just can't properly celebrate a birthday on sunday.

initially, like, five months before today, i had decided that i wanted a big birthday party and all of my friends could come down from michigan and we could go bowling and have milkshakes and it would just be super awesome!

and then i remembered that we're all broke college students and everybody except me lives in michigan.

so jacob and i went bowling by ourselves.

first stop: my old house.

i am the only person in my family that is creepy and sentimental about my old house. i lived there for sixteen years and sixteen days, and i absolutely loved it. my mom and i had our favorite walking route, so jacob and i embarked on it, parking a good distance away from my old house so we weren't being creepy. i was thoroughly upset that they had removed the tree that i spen my summers reading harry potter in.

yes. i was one of those girls that read books in trees.

after i gave jacob the in-depth tour ("that house used to be yellow. that guy gave out good halloween candy. my best friend lived on this street. AH I JUST TRIPPED ON THE SIDWALK") we went to georgetown, which was pretty much like... childhood. back in the day, my mom and my brother and i would walk to the library, we'd stop at the mill and get bread, and sometimes we'd look at the puppies in the pet shop. on wednesday's the theatre had movies for fifty cents. and of course, we'd get ice cream at TCBY yogurt.

it was obvious that TCBY hadn't had a customer in a while. the college-aged girl that was in there looked so happy to see us i thought that she would cry. i have never been wished a good evening that enthusiastically by a food services employee in my life.

after jacob got distracted by the pipe store, we managed to go bowling.

the lady that gave us our shoes and took my money turned out to be an aide in my first grade classroom, and she remembered me. never mind that first grade was a good fourteen years ago. she knew my name and everything. when i told her that i just finished my second year of college, was going to go study abroad, and had gotten an internship, she just shook her head and said, "damn it i'm old."

she gave us a lane next to what looked like a seven year old's birthday party.

why we hadn't gotten a lane in the nearly empty other side of the bowling alley was beyond me.

this is where i want to remind you, my beloved reader, that bowling is not my thing. at all. i do believe that i have bowled a lower score than you can ever hope to achieve in your lifetime.

that's right. i bowled a three.  three pins. the entire game.

i was determined to beat jacob in bowling. but you know, when it comes to beating someone in bowling, that just never works out for me.

there was a four year old bowling next to me. he got a better score than i did. granted, he had bumpers. but still. he was also wayyy cuter than me.

i was very happy to learn that bowling isn't jacob's forte either, and i got decently competitive. jacob is not at all a competitive person, and every time that i got angry because of how i'd bowled or how he'd bowled, he just smiled and gave me a kiss on the nose. because that's supposed to make me feel better.

i was very happy that we had matching shoes, and when jacob told me he was thirsty, he wasn't lying. he drank an entire pitcher of water almost single-handedly.

two games went too quickly. it definitely wasn't the bowling extravaganza that i had envisioned earlier, with all of my college friends and milkshakes amd being out until midnight. it was just jacob and i, and we were in and out in forty-five minutes.

but to sound sentimental and lovey-dovey and what have you, it was perfect just the way it was.

and on the way home was listened to classical music like bosses.

it's been a good prep birthday day. tomorrow should be fantastic. i'm going to wear this really weird dress that i bought, and today, my mom made me a lion king cake.

i repeat.


um. here are some bowling pictures.

i guess we're adorable?

this is jacob.
he's my boyfriend.

matching shoes!
attempting to bowl.

we tied.

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