Friday, June 10, 2011

here's a strike.

this is my tenth blog in my very own 'blog every day in june' challenge.

i have my "this is my blog folder" folder open. i have the one document in that folder open. it's labeled "this is my blog idea sheet."

i had a lot of fun writing that list. i figured it would be extremely helpful, because i have to come up with thirty blogs, and before that, i was blogging maybe once or twice a month. i would need ideas on slow days. like today.

once i blog about something on this list, i strike it off. i've struck off quite a few things. eventually i'll just delete them and add new things to blog about, but for now, it's nice to see what i've done and what i still have left to do.

one of the bulleted things on this list is "making this list."

the one under it is "trying to blog every day."

i feel like i've already accomplished both of these things in my blog today, wouldn't you agree?

i felt highly organized when i made that blog folder labeled "this is my blog folder." the folder under that is "yo hablo espanol", and that's where my online spanish homework goes. i tell myself that i'm an organized person. i have a need to be organized, a terrible yearning need, but here's the problem: i'm just not organized.

all through my freshman year of college, my roommate and i swore that we would keep our room clean. we both listed ourselves as messy when we filled out housing forms, and we got paired together through that, similar interests, and being signed up for collegiate swimming. we kept each other clean, but that did not mean organized. my bookshelf held up my bunked bed, and i had all of my books in order, followed by the folders, and then by the notebooks on that bookshelf.

for a week.

after that, i dumped everything, including my bag, on my pod chair that set next to my bookshelf. i had brought up that chair to alma (it's normally my computer chair) for sitting and reading my english homework. but it became a dumping ground for all my schoolwork. then it was a dumping ground for clothes. soon i had a gigantic pile of books, folders, notebooks, mismatching socks, jeans, and bras. i did, however, clean the chair off at least twice a month when it became too unbearable. i kept the rest of the room relatively clean. again, i have this need to be organized. but i don't have the power to actual be organized.

so when i made the blogging folder, i felt like a badass.

i knew that i was definitely going to need to find things to blog about for days like these. luckily enough, my june has been decently exciting and busy, so i've had things to blog about. my day today has certainly been exciting; i've been approached by a creepy man with a ponytail and a fanny pack at the park, i've been locked out of my friend's house, i've gone grocery shopping, i went to work and a work meeting, i bought really expensive coffee, i filled up the rental car with e85 terrific fuel, i returned the rental car, and then i went and got my actual car. i've had a very productive day, even though i still have spanish homework to do in the next seven hours. and it'll take me a while.

but all that stuff i did is stuff that i tweet, not stuff that i blog.

i honestly tried to blog ten minutes ago about how doing all of these things, especially the stuff dealing with my car, made me feel really adult and cool because i'm financially dependent on my parents. it just didn't work.

so i reverted to my list. that's why i made it, right?

when i post this blog, i get to strike off "making this list." because that's what i just blogged about.

repetition: i just blogged about making a list of things to blog about.

i'm not sure if this is pathetic or entirely excellent and creative. it's probably neither because i'm not really sure who reads these and judges them. as the writer, i certainly can't judge them.

while trying to post this, i accidentally clicked on the statistics of my blog. someone from australia has read one of my blogs. i'm not sure if i'm flattered or a little bit afraid.

so it's day ten of my blog every day in june (go!) challenge, and i've blogged about making a list of things to blog about. i hope, maybe, that i'm slightly innovative.

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