Wednesday, June 29, 2011

this is not as terrific as the word penultimate.

okay. so it's ten fifty-five at night.

this is my second to last (penultimate) day in this blog every day in june go! challenge.

it's ten fifty-five at night and i have absolutely no idea what to blog about.

my day has been ridiculously hectic. i got up for work at quarter until seven. i stumbled around the bathroom looking for a swim suit. then i sat around on the starting block trying to figure out what exactly i wanted my kids to swim once i got to work. i also ate kix. it was ballin'.

i had time to do my spanish homework after work like a good working, college girl. but what did i do? i went back to bed for an hour and four minutes. and i had that weird leukemia dream again. i really think i should stop researching it. do these dreams mean something?!

i then ventured to class. i made sure i left exactly on time and i even got there early enough to sit in my car in the parking lot in finish my spanish homework! i did NOT cry listening to the lion king. i was very proud of myself. during spanish class, i read out loud. i wrote about how i wanted to be a spanish teacher. i wondered how young my professor actually is, because she looks younger than me. and she's at least twice as thin. spanish class is spanish class and there's nothing really that exciting about it except that my stomach made some extremely loud hungry noises and i sat in a lefty desk.

i'm right handed. i want to be left handed (even though they die younger than right handed people, true story). my brother and my boyfriend are left handed. and i absolutely adore left handed desks. i'm not sure how i feel about this strange like.

after spanish class, my brother came home. i checked him over for escaped spiders clinging to his shirt, and ran him through the fridge so that he knew to stay away from my bombdiggity spinach lasagna. then i ventured out into the world of physical therapy.

i was decently sore when my physical therapist came to see me, and when i told her this, she said, "oh that's fine, we just won't do any gym exercises!"

i'm thinking about telling her i'm sore everyday.

i fell asleep at physical therapy. dead asleep. i manage to do this just about every single visit and i'm not really sure how it's possible. i feel like i was in a conversation with my physical therapist, and now i'm feeling extremely awkward and nervous. what do you say to someone when you fell asleep on them while they were manipulating the soft tissue of your back? "hi, sorry i fell asleep... did i fall asleep?"

i then talked at my brother in spanish for the enterity of making a fruit salad (la ensalada de frutas!). we ate dinner together. then i went straight to work, had a happy time with a bunch of little kids, and cheered for them as they swam a relay with a gigantic dr. seuss hat on their heads.

i then went to my cousin's house and watched some epic music videos. this is really unlike me. i have this... thing where i can't stand seeing what a musical artist looks like. once i have this picture in my head, i'm worried that it will affect my judgment. i'm worried that i'll accidentally judge their music based on what they look like (weird, i know.). i accidentally looked at the lead singer of mumford & sons. big mistake, brosef. big mistake.

when i got home at ten, i decided that i was going to bake a watermelon cake. no, it wasn't going to taste like watermelon, it was going to look like a watermelon.

while simulatenously skyping with my boyfriend, i mixed together all the ingredients and dumped in as much neon pink food coloring as i could. i then stood around in front of my webcam eating the leftover cake batter with a gigantic spatula (my stomach isn't enjoying that anymore). my fingers are pink. as is my tongue. and my teeth.

i then promptly realized that i didn't have any vanilla frosting. my mother told me over the phone that i could simply use chocolate, but have you heard of a watermelon with a brown rind?

i didn't think so.

my mother instructed (being the queen of all things baking) that when the cake was still warm, i should layer it, cover it with a towel, and put it nice and tight in the cake saver.

while writing this blog, my cake has baked, my boyfriend has laughed at how pink it turned out, and he has listened to my plan to run to the grocery store (in my swim suit) to buy vanilla frosting. before class i fully intend to frost my cake with neon green frosting. lo and behold, i will have a watermelon looking cake!

if i remember, i'm going to post a beautiful picture of it on here as my last blog. get excited. do your watermelon cake dance. and then put it up on youtube for me to watch during my free time. i'd really enjoy it.

this is my penultimate blog. it's been about my day. the real thing is this: i blogged about my day to really show that i had no idea what to blog about my because my day was really busy, i didn't spend any of it at home, and i wasted my prime blogging time baking a watermelon cake while skyping with my boyfriend.

we're still skyping. i'm writing this and he's buried in his thesaurus like a good nerd.

i'm not sure what to think about this blog. i feel like my penultimate blog should definitely be as cool as the word penultimate, but alas, it's not. none of my blogs are that cool. i'm just not that great at blogging, i don't think.

thank you for putting up with me.

only one more blog in this blog every day in june go! challenge. we can survive it.

what will tomorrow be about?

(it's now eleven twenty-three. and i'm going to post this video for your enjoyment because i've been singing it all day.)

i'm really in love with this. don't ask me why. i just am. :)

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