Monday, June 27, 2011

"i wrote a book once. it was about macaroni and cheese."

today is the second day into my adventure of being a real person. i only have two more days left of this before my brother comes home to ruin it (probably with a wolf spider clinging to the back of his shirt), so i better milk this for all it's worth.

my second day as a real adult went like this, and i'm honestly going to try not to start tomorrow's blog all like, "my third day as a real adult went like this" because that just gets boring, and nobody cares about my day. i don't even care about my day. well, i do. sort of. anyway. depicting my second but first FULL day as a real person and how utterly irresponsible i was about it: go.

so last night i had this majorly intense dream that i was dying of leukemia. i have never had leukemia. i do not know anyone who's had leukemia, unless it was when they were really little and just don't like to talk about it. but i woke up legitimately afraid that i had leukemia. i feel like i can have this fear and i can have this dream because i've been spending the past four months researching leukemia, specificially the ALL (that's acute lymphoblastic leukemia) kind, and it's easy to go undetected. normally my leukemia research simply makes me terrifically depressed, but when you have a dream that you're dying of it, well, it gets even more depressing and personal.

i'm not sure why i just wrote a pargraph about my leukemia dream. the most important part of what was SUPPOSED to be in that paragraph was this: i set my alarm for the PM instead of the AM. my alarm going off at quarter till seven at night is not going to get me up for work in time. but alas, my leukemia dream saved me! it was very very important in my dream that i had to go get some super special leukemia test at six forty-four in the morning, and lo and behold, i woke up for the test expecting kanye west and i was greeted by silence and the shaky fear that i actually had leukemia.

this ties in with work. maddie, the head coach of the team (i'm the assistant head coach) and i were the only ones coaching this morning because our other assistant coach is in new jersey and our other other assistant coach only works evenings. maddie had been up all night with her other job and was jazzed on energy drinks, and i'd gotten about three hours of sleep, all of which was leukemia intensive. i was up writing my book, which happens to be about leukemia, (well, it's a major theme) and julia, one of the twelve year olds that maddie was working with, was interested in why maddie and i were so completely strung out.

i told her i was up writing a book. when she asked what it was about, i said, "depressing things and dysfunctionality."

she looked me dead in the eye, gave me a gigantic grin and said, "i wrote a book once. it was about macaroni and cheese."

i don't think i've ever laughed so hard in my life. when i got home from work, i tweeted it. it was just that good. i wish you could hear her say it. and see her face. it was terrific.

i told myself i was going to nap for an hour after work, shower, eat lunch, and then head to my second spanish class, the one that's smack in the middle of the afternoon (twelve thirty to three.) instead i ended up calling my physical therapist to reschedule three appointments (it was the most adult thing i've done all day) and then i enjoyed the fact that i have stolen my friend's hulu plus password.

hulu plus is going to suck away my life and make me fail my spanish exam. and keep me from blogging. oh hulu plus. i have access to all seven seasons of grey's anatomy. guess who's going to watch all of it by the end of the summer? that's right. you can guess.

mi clase de espanol was fantastic compared to last term's. the room is smaller, warmer, and the teacher is straight out of espana. lucky for me, my spanish parter from my first class is in this class, and we spent a good ten minutes conversing in spanish and feeling pretty badass about it. i had figured that this class would take absolutely forever because it's in the middle of the afternoon, but it went by extremely quickly. and i had kanye west in my head. that might've helped.

i learned a new exercise in physical therapy. it's not really as exciting as one would think. not exciting enough to blog about.

when i got home at four forty-five, i said, "i'll eat at five thirty, write some more of my book, and then i'll go to my coach's meeting and then to work." out loud. when i'm home alone, i need to hear my own voice.

well this is what actually happened: i watched grey's anatomy until six thirty, fixed a ten minute dinner, and then realized that i had a coach's meeting in eight minutes. i had completely forgotten. while i was running around trying to locate my flip flop and my frog towel (our team mascot is the frog) i began to have a minor asthma attack. and i got a beautiful book idea that would just have to wait.

the adult things i did today were these.

i managed to get myself out of bed on time without setting my alarm.
i watered the plants.
i remembered to bring in the mail and the paper... after dinner.
i actually put my dishes in the dishwasher in a timely manner.
i cleaned my bathroom.
i actually opened my mail that was addressed to me.

the things i am not proud of doing were these.

watching grey's anatomy for a god awful amount of time. at least three hours.
belting out hey soul sister in the shower.
getting completely distracted by that weird taxidermy museum closing when i should've been paying attention to what my kids were swimming.
not sleeping very much.
setting my alarm for the incorrect time.
actually thinking i had leukemia for twenty whole minutes. (seriously. the entire time i was muching on my mini wheats i was having a mini panic attack.)
eating mini wheats while driving.

i've had a decently productive day. but i think that being a real person doesn't mean that you're one hundred percent productive and you don't get distracted by the idea of having every episode of grey's anatomy free for your viewing enjoyment when you have a free moment.

real people procrastinate and get distracted too. if they didn't, they wouldn't be people.

i'm a person. a dysfunctional person. but a person.

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