Wednesday, June 1, 2011

this is the first day.

today is the first day of my summer goal: to blog every day during the month of june.

apparently april had a 'vlog every day in the month of april', but this is just me deciding to blog every day in june because i'm cool like that. i even made an extra folder called 'this is my blog folder.' inside of it is a document with a list of possible things to blog about everyday. my favorite item on that list is 'whatever the hell i feel like.'

so this is the first day.

i read a wikihow article on how to blog since i'm pretty terrible at it. once i got past the part about picking a blog site and making sure that i have the correct layout, the article actually discussed the idea of blogging. it told me to blog often and to blog about interesting things. nobody wants to hear about how you went grocery shopping and ran into nancy. that's for your twitter.

i got a twitter last night. i'm still afraid of it.

the article said that blogging every day is best, and your blogs shouldn't be too long and rambling. they should be interesting, concise, and be an extension of yourself. it also told me not to worry if nobody read your blogs for the first few months, it takes time for people to realize you have a blog worth reading. if it's worth reading.

i really don't think anybody reads this, and since it's june today, i've had my blog for five months. i haven't blogged every day. in fact, i've blogged about eight times during those past five months, and most of my blogs have been long. perhaps they're interesting. i'd like to think that my blogs are an extension of myself. i did blog about serial killers in march, and that makes me feel decently cool.

it was mostly this article that made me want to blog everyday in the month of june. it's a challenge, and i'm determined to win. june is the busiest month of my life and generally always has been.

my birthday.
my job.
my IPFW spanish class.
my back brace.
my physical therapy to hopefully rid myself of the back brace.
and now, my blog.

so this is the first day.

i'm pretty sure i just blogged about blogging, and that's honestly on my list of things to blog about in my 'this is my blog' folder.

when i look at that folder, i get a thrill of excitement. it's quickly followed by a shot of anxiety. blogging is serious business.

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