Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a typical morning.

it's one thirty in the afternoon and it's already been one of the days.

strictly speaking, my day isn't even half over. i feel like this isn't a good sign.

every night before i go to sleep, i take three prescription pills; an anti-inflammatory, a muscle relaxant, and a gigantic scary pill for nerve pain. they knock me out in about fifteen minutes, which is exciting because falling asleep has always been an issue for me, but unfortunately, they don't keep me asleep.

even more unfortunately, every time i wake up in the middle of the night, because of these pills, i am absolutely CONVINCED that i have not slept before waking up.

according to my drug-addled brain, last night i went to bed at midnight (which is true). i then went to bed at two, then at four thirty, then at six thirty. the six thirty one was very terrifying because my alarm was set for six forty-four.

i feel like i need to devote at least eight hours to sleep with these pills, because when my alarm went off at six forty-four, i was incredibly confused. after i put on my swim suit and my work shirt and found my back brace, i scarfed down a bowl of stale lucky charms. after that, i tried to put my poptarts in the fridge. i must have really been confused, but obviously not confused enough to tweet about it before i left for work.

my job is so much fun i'd do it for free. it's also stressful enough that i wish i would get paid three times as much as i do. for three hours a day (two in the morning, one in the evening) i am responsible for the welfare of children ages four to eighteen. i am their swim team coach.

fort wayne is in the middle of a heatwave. for early june, it should not be ninety-seven with one hundred percent humidity. that's saved for band camp in july. maybe this year band camp week traded weeks with "this week is emily's first full week of work and classes". i wouldn't be surprised if that's what's happened. so for two hours, while i was instructing my fifteen year olds and my ten year olds, i was incredibly hot. i looked for excuses to strip off my unbearably hot back brace and dip into the pool, but i couldn't find a good enough one. i ran out of time with the little kids, and it's just awkward getting in with a bunch of high schoolers who probably don't respect you as much as they should.

when practice ended at nine twenty-five, i had about two minutes to get my butt moving to mi clase de espanol en IPFW. i had not showered. i was starving. my hair was a hot mess and pulled back in a sloppy half pony tail, and i was wearing a swim suit and a sweaty t-shirt. an incredibly sweaty t-shirt.

i commenced to grab my clean clothes from my swim bag, high tail it to my rental car, and strip in the back. lucky for me, i parked by some bushes and i was even cool enough to back into my parking spot. my rental car's windows are also conveniently tinted far more than my regular car's are. unfortunately, it was about a hundred and ten degrees in my car, i was rushed, and already sweaty.

i drove to IPFW with a serious lead foot, my air conditioning on full blast, trying to ignore the fact that my bangs were so sweaty they weren't even bangs and i had sweat rolling down my back, my arms, and my legs. i thought i was gross when i went to work without showering. now i was absolutely disgusting.

halfway to IPFW i was cool enough that i wasn't covered in sweat. i was being followed by a very persistent cop who didn't use his turn signal the entire way. considering my extra lead foot (i already speed more than i should) i'm surprised he didn't pull me over. by the time i pulled into the parking lot and located my shoes (under the back seat), i knew that i was going to blog about my morning.

spanish class, which i will probably blog about later (with or without affection, i am not sure yet) is two and a half hours long. i sat there for the first hour dying of hunger and thirst which i finally quenched with a rice krispie treat and a drinking fountain (i am too cheap to walk to higher grounds). the second hour, after getting about eighty new vocabulary words, i worried needlessly about how horrible my hair looked and how bad i probably smelled. jordan, who sits next to me, probably would've told me if i smelled, so i'm really hoping that i didn't.

when i was driving home, i realized that after only two days, i'd gotten used to the evil chevy rental car. this made me hate it even more.

like i said, my day isn't even half over. i've worked, gone to class, thankfully showered and eaten lunch, and now blogged. but in an hour i leave for physical therapy. on the way home, i have thirty dollars worth of photos to pick up at walgreens. after THAT i get to cook dinner, do my spanish homework, and alas, go to work again.

i am not going to lie.

this honestly sounds like a fun, ideal summer. i'm excited for it.

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