Thursday, June 30, 2011

this was originally about edward estlin.

for about three weeks i've been trying to pinpoint the exact day when i decided that i wanted to blog every day in the month of june.

on may fifteenth i wrote what i consider to be one of my favorite blogs, and i think it was around then that i really started to consider it. i had managed to put fun pictures in my blog. i had turned my spectacular weekend into something worth reading.

in other words, i was pretty damn proud of myself.

as i wrote earlier, i had intended to post an e. e. cummings quote as my facebook status every day. i am absolutely in love with e. e. cummings. for my english class (the fairy tale one!) we read his poem anyone lived in a pretty how town. well the first time i read it i didn't understand it, and then i found a brilliant love story that thrives in the midst of controversy.

i wrote a paper on it (compared to my awesome lolita paper, this was rather blah.). and i still intend to memorize the poem. anyone lived in a pretty how town (with up so floating many bells down).

i have this e. e. cummings website that i have saved right next to my online spanish homework tab. it's not wiki quotes or anything, it's just this really legit website that has just about everything cool that e. e. cummings ever said or wrote.

"the world laughs in flowers."

"unless you love someone, nothing else makes sense."

"the most wasted of all days is one without laughter."

e. e. cummings is a cool cat who changed the world with a well placed comma. or, well, his lack of commas. he kind of booted grammar out the window.

i frequented this website a lot and wrote down some of my favorite quotes. i wrote them in the notes section of my entirely too busy calendar. i pulled quotes out of stanzas of long, rambling, unorganized poems. i was so utterly ready to post nothing but baller e. e. cummings quotes on facebook and annoy the hell out of my 598 facebook friends.

and then somewhere along the lines i said, "nah, i'd rather just blog."

i think i'm out of my mind. i'm not good at blogging. i obviously don't have enough things to blog about. and if you've seen my calendar, then you know that i absolutely don't have enough time.

well now it's my last day of doing this blog every day in june go! challenge, and i'd say i've done pretty well. for your viewing enjoyment, i'm going to post a beautiful copy of my "this is my blog idea paper" document so you can see exactly what i did and what i never quite got around to. brace yourselves!

This is my awesome list of blogging ideas so I can blog every day in June.

  • the funeral. band of horses.
  • the disuse of the word ‘terrific’.
  • yo hablo espanol. spanish class.
  • my job.
  • my other job.
  • music!
  • getting myself into ridiculous situations.
  • blogging? I feel like I’ve done this before.
  • poetry.
  • e. e. cummings.
  • baking cakes.
  • alma.
  • physical therapy.
  • my apparent lack of skill at blogging.
  • criminal minds.
  • chuck.
  • facebook and/or facebook advertisements.
  • google.
  • the lion king.
  • my fears. perhaps too personal?
  • disney movies.
  • rondo alla turca paininthebutt.
  • trying to drive a stick shift. with focus on the word trying.
  • making this list.
  • trying to blog every day.
  • me actually getting a twitter, oh god.
  • aaaand whatever the hell I feel like.
i'm pretty proud of that list. i blogged about a few things twice, but hey, that's just how it goes. i'm also extremely proud of that fact that i blogged every single blog in times new roman.

i DESPISE times new roman. but for some reason, it looks decently legit on this blogspot website. i can totally handle it.

i honestly feel like i've grown as a person throughout this experience. i've learned that one can blog about whatever they want. i've learned that if you set some time aside in your day to actually do something, it'll become a habit. this was the ultimate goal: that awesome website that told me how to blog said that if you blog every day in enough, it'll become a habit. hopefully i'll blog a lot more from now on. that's the plan, anyway. wish me luck?!

thank you for taking this incredible journey with me. you're as much a part of this as i am! i don't just write these for myself, i write them for you. you and me, and me and you, and now i'm singing "happy together" and belting I CAN'T SEE ME LOVIN' NOBODY BUT YOU FOR ALL MY LIFE. you can sing along, if you like.

so ends my blog every day in june go! challenge. i really hope you enjoyed it as much as i did. :)

post script: for all quotes e. e. cummings, click here. 

(i swear. this is my last shameless plug. i'm on twitter at @emilyyxh!)

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