Sunday, June 15, 2014


'tis the season of weddings.

nothing makes you feel more like a young twenty-something without having your life together when your friends get engaged and get married.

the second thing is going to the bank and realising how poor you are, as i did last week with my measley minimum wage paycheck.


anyway, weddings.

i've been to two weddings this year.

i have witnessed one engagement firsthand. that was over a year ago.

other than that, it's been like...

SO AND SO GOT ENGAGED TO SO AND SO ON FACEBOOK and you want to like it, but already 114 people have liked it and there are twenty comments going CONGRATULATIONS OMGGGGG!!!!

and i'm like, do i really want to follow the masses? how much is my facebook like going to express my extreme joy and intense bitterness about this happy event?

maybe this is why i don't wish people happy birthday on facebook anymore.

one of my very very very bestest friends got married in may and i was one of her three bridesmaids. it was one of the most fun weekends of my entire life and i can't wait to blog about it.

today is not that day.

today is just like... engagement. and weddings. and bitterness.

remember my transition into a bitter old woman? IT'S SO ALMOST COMPLETE, YOU GUYS.

there were two weddings that i know of that happened yesterday and i got to look at all the pictures on facebook and it was like, AWWW THIS IS SO CUTE

and i'm like, AWWWW I HAD TO WORK

and then i was like, AWWW WAIT I WASN'T INVITED

which is totally fine. like, honestly. how big you want your wedding to be is your business.

while my long haired man friend was in scotland and i was getting ready to be in emma's wedding, i got really angsty. and i was like, DUDE I NEED TO GET MARRIED.

everyone on facebook is getting engaged. everyone is picking dates. everyone is posting wedding pictures.

and i'm sitting here like, oh my god i work a menial job at kroger. i wanna move out and be happy. 

so i got a pinterest to appease myself.


actually, i don't use it all that often. i forget that i have it. but i made a wedding board and in like... a midnight angst session of pinning, i pretty much planned my entire wedding.

hint: it's honeybee themed.

my dad suggested that i release a hive of raging hornets at the reception.

after planning my whole entire wedding, i decided to tell adam that i planned the whole thing and then i was like, HAY LET'S GET MARRIED

me: let's get married
me: i'm serious

we then had a serious discussion about how if we do get married in the future, we're going to live in a tiny home in scotland for a while.

tiny homes are the best.


so after that conversation, i came to the conclusion that i don't actually want to get married.

at least not right now, anyway.

what i want is a wedding.

like i want to get a wedding dress and put on makeup and walk down the aisle with both of my parents because just my dad is too patriarchal and oppressive and like full of female ownership, and i want to hold a bouquet and plan colours and hang out with bridesmaids and make the whole thing vegetarian because I WANT TO and just


i want a wedding. now.

but i'm not really feeling the whole "spending the rest of your life with this person now" type vibe at the moment.

i don't have time for a wedding. i don't have time to plan one.

and like my mother says, i have plenty of time. she didn't get married until she was twenty-six or something.

i have three viable years left according to her standard of living.

you know, this makes it sound like i just want to get married and pop out babies and be a mom.

but i don't really see it that way.

i see it as i want to find the person i want to spend the rest of my life with and have a special day full of family and friends and i want it to be big and beautiful and happy.

and i don't see anything wrong with that.


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  1. I LOVE THE TINY HOMES except it wouldn't work for me because guitars also audio gear...