Saturday, June 6, 2015

analogue MAY be coming back.

i grew up in a four bedroom house. i didn't realise that it was four bedrooms until i was much older because the smallest room in the corner of the house had been converted into what we called "the den".

it consisted of my mom's sewing machine, a really big ugly rug, an old dresser with drawers that didn't open without a bunch of coaxing, and a huge desk with a computer on it.

on top of the old dresser sat my mom's television. i can't remember if she got it when she was in college or sometime after, but i'm pretty sure it's from the late 80's.

when we built our new house and moved when i was sixteen, i was sure that we weren't going to move that TV. and yet, we did.

and it ended up in my room.

i LOVE it.

one, it's small enough that i can pick it up and carry it anywhere i want. two, all i need to do is plug it in. three, the DVD player i got for my 20th birthday can hook up to it along with my N64.

four, IT HAS A VCR.

there's a grey's anatomy episode where a man that makes a living buying and selling old junk says, "anaolgue is coming back in a big way!"

it might not be coming back in a big way, but for me, VHS tapes are making up a decently large part of my life.

it's garage sale season. i am moving out of my parents' house in a month and a half and i've been on the hunt for cheap furniture, particularly bar stools. i found some decent ones today but couldn't bring myself to pay thirty bucks for a set that had a lot of chips and scuffs.

the other week, though, i found a FABULOUS table.

this picture doesn't do it justice. but it's a really beautiful antique end table.

most of the time, when i garage sale, i peruse around the homewares, looking for things like wine glasses and small bookshelves.

my man friend and i set out this morning to see what treasures we could find.

i found a really awesome gigantic wine glass this morning. i pointed it out to my man friend, who grabbed my hand, dragged me away and said, "that's not for drinking, love. that's for decoration."

... who says you can't drink out of decorations?

i got the lovely bones for two dollars from a really nice couple who spent a decent amount of time talking to us about alcohol. they had a lot of alcohol accessories for sale. one of the displays was equipped with a bottle of what looked to be bourbon that had a small sticker that said it wasn't for sale. apparently, earlier in the morning, a woman carrying a baby asked them if she could have a shot.

i left their house happily.

when i garage sale and i'm not looking for furniture, i am definitely perusing the VHS tapes.

i have quite the collection of disney and pixar, which i added to today. i acquired sleeping beauty and toy story to add to my rather impressive collection, which includes pocahontas, mulan, toy story 2, the lion king, the little mermaid, lady and the tramp, aladdin, 101 dalmations, finding nemo, beauty and the beast, beauty and the beast and the enchanted christmas, mary poppins, and tarzan.

i now also have the indiana jones trilogy (let's be real, the fourth one doesn't exist.), titanic, pulp fiction, the silence of the lambs, arsenic and old lace, and the fellowship of the ring.

all in all, i have 25 VHS tapes.

there's only one problem with my growing hoard of tapes, and that is that they take up a lot more room than DVDs. i have a small, two shelved bookshelf that used to be in my kitchen that i use to hold my movies. with all of my DVDs and with my VHS tapes, i don't have room for much more.

i'm honestly more into getting VHS tapes than DVDs. they're a hell of a lot cheaper, much harder to break, and look better in a display. they ALWAYS remember where you left off, and rewinding honestly isn't a big deal.

there's just something really satisfying about putting a gigantic tape into a hole and having it play instantly.

plus, the older the tape, the better the trailers are. have you seen the trailers for movies from the forties and fifties?


i have a fierce love of tapes. granted, i won't spend more than a dollar on one. but i will spend an hour pawing through a gigantic tub of tapes to find that one disney movie that i don't own. and you will bet your butt that i will watch it.

maybe analogue isn't coming back in a big way. but i will certainly be moving my ancient VCR endowed TV to my apartment next month and i will continue to watch my tapes.

we can have a movie date.

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