Wednesday, June 17, 2015


i have this weird habit of enjoying things over and over and over again.

this drives my man friend nuts. before we were dating and we were friends, i would listen to "pompeii" by bastille constantly. he'd be in my room and i'd have it on repeat.

we can't listen to that song anymore without him shouting "OH MY GOD NO." and walking out of the room.

my brother is the same way.


once i find a song, i turn it into a one song playlist so every twenty minutes i get thirty seconds of commercials and then it goes back to just that one song. on my spotify i have like... 30 playlists that are like that.

when i'm done with the song, i'll move on.

i now realise that i do this with television shows.


(you know, it was just recently that i realised that netflix stood for internet flicks. and then i was like, OMG I AM SO DUMB WOW.)

i bummed my netflix off the elusive "sam sucks cock" for three years, and then i finally got my own.

and since i had more time after graduation, i was introduced to... binge watching.

i devoured orange is the new black. when it was over, i didn't know what to do.

i devoured house of cards. when it was over, i didn't know what to do.

taking me a lot longer than those show was grey's anatomy.

at first it was a guilty pleasure show, and it still is. but i genuinely like it. netflix had ten whole seasons. i didn't always feel the need to watch the episodes in order because as long as i could figure out who was having sex with who, i could follow along just fine.

then i realised what a great show it was and i watched ALL TEN SEASONS IN TWO MONTHS WHILE WORKING TWO JOBS.

two things that i particularly love about grey's anatomy.

1. it's not a bunch of boring white people.
2. almost everyone is gay and it's treated like a completely normal thing.

season eleven was just posted on monday. i've actually been watching that instead of the third season of orange is the new black.

blasphemy, i know. but this season of orange is just... well it's just not that great. at least in my opinion.

of the netflix originals, house of cards and orange is the new black have definitely been my favourites. i need to try peaky blinders and sense8. we'll see how that goes.

but when i saw "daredevil" as a netflix original in my banner when i logged in in mid april, i was a little concerned.

first off, i didn't originally notice that i was a netflix original. the banner for it honestly looked stupid, like some dumb agents of shield show.

(sorry if you like agents of shield. as an avid marvel fan, i tried it and hated it.)

i knew that the 2003 (or was it 2004?) movie was absolutely terrible and so i didn't want to click on it and try it. it looked stupid.

it came out on a friday. i had time after work to start it and see. but it just really looked dumb.

then on saturday everyone was like, OMG YOU HAVE TO WATCH DAREDEVIL.

so on sunday, after couch shopping with hannah, i clicked on it.

i saw it was a netflix original and got more excited. 

i was immediately hooked.

there were a few reasons for this.

1. it starred charlie cox, who is currently my favourite british actor.
2. it was DARK AND VIOLENT. (i like that stuff.)
3. the script was like, AMAAAAZING for television.
4. marvel? anyone?

i devoured three episodes that sunday night. that doesn't seem like a lot, but each episode is an hour, so it was a decent amount of time.

all day at work on monday i sat there thinking, "i have to get home and watch daredevil. oh my god. i have to get home. i need more. i MUST. WATCH. MORE. DAREDEVIL."

that monday i only worked at the ballet in the morning. as soon as i got off work, i snarfed some lunch, and set to binge watching.

six hours and six episodes later, i could not see straight.

that is not a pun about matt murdock not being able to see. 

there were only thirteen episodes! what was i going to do?! i had to keep watching in large bursts!

because of work and other obligations, it took me until friday to finish it. i agonised over it. when i finally finished it, i felt like a piece of me had died.

i've now watched all thirteen episodes about... seven times through.

"there are other things to watch on netflix!"

yep, i know.

"shouldn't you watch orange is the new black?"


"what about movies?"

... but DAREDEVIL.

i have been watching it for over two months now. netflix has tried to get me to watch other things. it has given me other suggestions. it has hidden it from the "continue watching for emily" panel so that i have to search for it.

but i will not be deterred.

in the past two months, i think there have only been about four or five days where i have not watched daredevil. it doesn't have to be a whole episode, just a piece of it. i watch it on my phone when i work out.

i just watch it ALL THE TIME.

i talked about it so much that my man friend refused to watch it. he did watch the first episode with me on my birthday, but only because it was my birthday and i crawled on top of him and cried a little bit. i secretly hope that he's watching the rest of it at home and just not telling me because he doesn't want to admit it.

at work at the nat i'd ask people if they'd seen it. my supervisor is on her second run through and i talk to her about it every chance i get.

i never shut up about it. i never stop watching it.


like, if you have netflix and you haven't watched it? you totally should. because it's a hot badass  blind guy wearing sexy pants beating people up. there's lots of explosions and gunfire and people getting their heads bashed in. and lots of funny stuff too.

like... it's really good. if you watch it, let me know and we can talk about it.

i listen to spotify radio in the shower, and there's an ad for a playlist about people that are TV show obsessed. and it's this peppy lady that's like, "are you obsessed with a TV show? like, take a sick day to finish the next season obsessed?"

yep. that's me.

right now i'm really focused on finishing the eleventh season of grey's anatomy. but i will watch at least one episode of daredevil a day (or a ten minute clip) while i do so.

season two has been determined and it's going to have the punisher in it, if you didn't think it could get more badass than matt murdock beating people to a pulp with his bare hands.

i don't know, man. i haven't done this blog justice. i'll probably talk about it more when i blog about how beautiful charlie cox is.

and his ass. his ass will definitely be a part of that post.

i just really love daredevil, okay?

go watch it. for me. and if not for me, than for charlie cox because he is so damn beautiful.

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