Saturday, June 27, 2015

a train wreck.

so i've come to notice that 538 of you have read my post about sandra hill's rough and ready.

don't remember that?

read that here.

make my post about a really terrible adult novel my most read blog post, I DARE YOU.

to be honest, i don't know where this post is going to go.

there's always a day where i just have absolutely no idea what to write about. like, absolutely no idea.

i've been sitting around most of the day trying to figure out what to post about. like, i already did the SCOTUS ruling, i've already been bitter, i've talked about charlie cox's sculpted british ass, and i haven't done anything TOO exciting today and except see jurassic world.

which was awesome, by the way. i almost shit myself about three times and on the way home i thought a dinosaur was gonna swoop down, tear open the roof of my van, and eat me.

i don't want to write about it, though, because it's only been out for two weeks and i don't want to spoil anything for you. but i did raise my hands and shout "YAAAAS BITCH YAAAAAS!" at bryce dallas howard so that happened.

also this like, pretty much sums up jurassic world:

so what else has been going on in my life?

i've been writing about bad moving tips and currently i'm following all of them.

have i started to pack? nahhhhh.

have i alerted my bank that i'm moving? or contacted the DMV? nahhhhhh.

have i lazed around and watched netflix and worked on my novel?


i'm a champ when it comes to procrastinating. if anything, the day that i get the keys to my apartment i'll look around my room and say, "oh, did i not pack? WHOOPS."

today i was planning on celebrating some awesome pride SCOTUS stuff, but fort wayne was interrupted by this HELLA BIG STORM.

i'm fine, by the way. and my basement didn't flood, so yay sump pumps!

i woke up at eight o'clock this morning to rain rattling against my roof like i was in some victorian era novel. i went downstairs for breakfast and i asked my parents, "hey, why aren't you bike riding?!"

remember, my parents are the crazy lance armstrong cyclists but without the dope. at least, i think without the dope.

my dad was like "hahaha 50 MILE AN HOUR WINDS."

and i was like, ahhh shit man, i was gonna go to the library to reread this book! but i can't leave the house in this wind!

my van and the wind are not friends. like, i've almost gotten in a car accident because of wind.

also, why did i want to reread this book?

1. i hadn't read it since i was in high school.
2. there was an entire subplot with a ghost that i had forgotten about?
3. i was just sitting in my room and like a bolt of lightning i was like, "I MUST REREAD THIS BOOK FROM MY PAST THAT I FORGOT ABOUT" because that was totally normal.

does that ever happen to you?

in other news, when i got home from jurassic world i took hamlet, my bearded dragon, out of his tank and pretended that he was a dinosaur.

like, i set him on my knee, grabbed his little hands, and went RAWR RAWR RAWR and he looked at me like "are you shitting me right now".

until i'm done freaking out about jurassic world, he will be my wee dinosaur.

now i'm sitting in my basement with my brother and his girlfriend and we're watching jurassic park because we needed more t-rexes in our lives.

IT'S SO NINETIES. hold onto your butts.

this post has been a train wreck, like that time i tried to live tweet game of thrones sesason four episode seven on a friday night and i yelled "IT'S TIME FOR GAME OF THRONES SEASON FOUR EPISODE EIGHT ON THIS BORING SATURDAY NIGHT" and i was like "oh shit wrong episode wrong day of the week."

meh, i don't care. stream of consciousness is kind of fun, i've gotten to post some cool pictures, and there's always a june challenge post that doesn't really have a point and nobody really reads it.

but go make my post about rough and ready my most viewed blog. that would make my day.

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