Sunday, June 21, 2015

the charlie cox post.

it's always hard to blog on sundays.

sundays are lazy, time gets away from me, nothing exciting happens, i never have any strokes of inspiration, and nobody ever reads my posts on sundays.

i mean, you're reading this. thanks, i really appreciate it.

i went to my grandparents' house today and i asked my dad, as he is my most faithful reader, what i should blog about. he shrugged and it was then i decided it was time for the charlie cox post.

like, i don't even know where to begin with this. "the charlie cox post" has been this vague idea just floating around in my brain. i didn't have any true format of what i wanted for when i blogged about him and his glorious ass. like, was it going to be a buzzfeed thing where i listed stuff about him that was amazing followed by a picture and an inappropriate quote?

that sounded great until i found a buzzfeed post along the lines of 16 times that your thirst for matt murdock was too real.

which i read at work and let me tell you i had to duck underneath my desk because i was so overcome.


i'm making this post up as i go. here's a picture of charlie cox so that you get a sense of where this is coming from.

i swear to god that smile could cure most illnesses.

so i was first introduced to charlie cox in the movie stardust, WHICH EVERYONE SHOULD SEE BY THE WAY, on an airplane in like, 2008. it didn't have any sound because i was watching it on someone else's screen and i was like, "this looks like a really rad movie" so we rented it.

netflix's synopsis of it is perfect.

"a love-struck lad goes to another realm to capture a fallen star. he can handle a witch, but can he handle a cross dressing pirate?"

the cross dressing pirate is robert deniro, by the way.

it's got witches and kings and queens and really great humour including the best dick joke of all time besides the one in titanic, a freakin' unicorn, and robert deniro as a cross dressing pirate.

like, what more could you want?

seriously, it's in my top five favourite movies, it's on netflix, GET GOING.


(i watch it about once a week, honestly. i watched it this morning.)

when i started watching daredevil, i kind of recognised the main character, but it was difficult for a number of reasons.

1. when he's daredevil, he's wearing a mask over his face and all you can see are his lips. his, sweet, sultry lips.

those lips tho

2. when he's a lawyer, he's wearing sunglasses.
3. in stardust he was 24 during filming and now he's 32 and all grown and super fit and buff and has some real nice beard scruffle.

so he's beating some dudes up from the russian mob and takin' names and then it cuts to the theme and it says STARRING CHARLIE COX and i was like, THAT'S THAT BRITISH GUY FROM STARDUST

and sure enough, there he was in all his british glory.

he's just really hot.

he's also like, adorable?

how does he do both? i am confused?

i've had similar fads with other british actors. my most outstanding was andrew garfield, which spanned like, three years. if i hadn't rediscovered charlie cox, we'd still be going strong.

i watched andrew garfield's ENTIRE filmography. on my whiteboard in my dorm room, i put him as number one on my to-do list. (eheheh.)

i've seen charlie cox in three things. stardust, daredevil, and the first episode of downton abbey.

i do not recall much of that episode, nor him being in it. i know that he kisses a man. i feel like i would remember that and be like, YAAAAS GAAAAY because much of my life is like, YAAAAS GAAAAAY.

he's in two seasons of boardwalk empire. i've seen a few clips, particularly the one where he violently murders this dude in a bathroom, spits on his body and says, "fuckin' piece of shite" in an irish accent and i was like, fanning myself.

now i'm on a quest to watch boardwalk empire.

"really, emily? just because charlie cox is in it?"

hell yeah. i suffered through THREE terrible andrew garfield movies for him, i can watch two seasons of a critically acclaimed HBO show for my new british fav.

i share my love of charlie cox with my friend laura. when we get sad, we send each other pictures of charlie cox. when she had a rough night, i sent her a picture of him looking up into a beautiful godly light holding a latte and i said "charlie cox is thinkin' bout u".

when i found the incredible buzzfeed article, she said "HOLY MOTHER OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN" and we thirsted for a good hour.

there are many things to like about charlie cox.

1. he's hot as shit.
2. he's also adorable as shit.
3. he's a really nice down to earth person in real life? and he like dogs?
4. he takes his acting very seriously. like, he's been acknowledged by the american foundation for the blind and visually impaired on how seriously he took his role as a blind person on daredevil and how well he did it.
5. his smile could probably cure cancer.
6. he laughs like a nerd.

number seven is a proven fact. his co-star, elden henson, who plays his best friend foggy on daredevil, has been quoted in multiple interviews as saying that dat ass does not quit.

he also brought ice cream for the cast and crew on set because he's nice.


me: oh my god
adam: are you thirsting after charlie cox again
me: yeahhhh
adam: should i leave you alone
me: probably
adam: are you gonna leave me for charlie cox
me: i mean, if he showed up at my house and asked me to marry him that would definitely be a thing.

adam and i talk about having celebrity outs. you know, if ever a famous person came to you like, "i love you let's have sex".

i was like, "i get two, a man and a woman because i'm bisexual" and he was like, "well then i get two" and i was like, "you're straight?" and he was like, "i would do major things to hugh jackman" and i was like, "okey dokey then".

so charlie cox is my current male celebrity out.

laura and i talk a lot about things that we would do to charlie cox if given the opportunity. i'll let you contemplate that.

like, honestly, i just kind of want him to give me cuddles, play with my hair, talk to me in his british accent, read to me in his husky american accent, and then give me kisses on the forehead.

yeah, that sounds about right to me.

i don't know, man. i'm just real thirsty for charlie cox. and i think we'll leave it at that.

and some pictures.


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